Brief Introduction

  China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Ningbo Chemical Industry Branch(China Chamber of International Commerce Ningbo Chemical Industry Chamber of Commerce), was founded in June 1996, currently has 76 members that all are the enterprises above designated size.


President of units: Ningbo Hongda Import & Export Co., Ltd ??

President: Mr. Yuan Junjie


Address: 9F GULOU Building, No.53 Zhongshan West Road, Haishu District, Ningbo , P.R.China ?

Zip Code: 315010

Website :?Ningbo Chemical International Trade Promotion Network (http://www.nbcitp.net/)


????1. Publicize and implement the policies, laws, guidelines of national and local foreign economic relations and trade, and provide consulting and advisory services about related policies and so on;

????2. Develop the contact working with the chemical trade industry all over the world, invite and receive foreign trading group, chemical technology professionals person and teams, and organize a professional group about chemical industry economic and trade to visit abroad and inspection;

滚球中的365什么意思365best滚球????3. Provide trade information, economic and technical cooperation to chemical enterprises and institutions all over the world(including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), introduce partnership, promote foreign trade, foreign investment, foreign economic, introduce advanced technology and so on;

????4. Carry out the investigation and research, understand the business needs of the members and other economic organizations, timely reflect the enterprise's requirements and suggestions to the relevant government departments;

????5. Organize members and all enterprises in the industry to participate the related exhibition, economic and trade fair, seminars, professional BBS and other activities about the industry;

????6. Hold training, fellowship activities and so on for members and industry enterprises if they need;

????7. Accept commissions, undertake the industry enterprise patent application, trademark registration agency work, undertake consultation, dispute on the industrial property rights and technology trade and other business;

Warmly welcome all chemical industry colleagues around Ningbo to join our China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Ningbo Chemical Industry Branch, and seek common development together.